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I love this game it’s so fun and I think royale high is the best royale high school game ever on Roblox.
By Lily Virgo
I love Roblox and the way you can dress up
By Meech01250125
I always wanted to play
By AaliyahJohnson
I think that is a great game
By Kayliegh
I never played Roblox before.
By Janahorizon
Umm I like roblox my name is sumij I play it on iPhone 7plus but on roblox my name is sumij
By Amari
Game is super fun i play it every day
By Ytytytytytytfyy
The game is slow but it is worth the wait and the game is so awesome ❤❤❤ My username is haileyolya
By Haileyolya
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