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Burger Fiesta
Description: The entertaining arcade "Burger-Fiesta" is a fascinating adventure, in which you'll travel round the world and open your own snack bars! As a chef you'll learn to make delicious burgers and sandwiches, get bonuses, win awards and upgrade your bars. The hungry line won't let you get bored! Serve your clients accurately and quickly, or they'll get sad and go to your competitors! The signs over their heads show you their mood. The faster you serve them, the more money you'll earn! You'll be supplied with ingredients for burgers from conveyors randomly and you'll have to apply your logics and mother wit to satisfy the clients. You'll need the plate on which you can put aside any ingredient for your sandwich. With time you'll be able to improve the mood of your clients with music, delight with sauces and soda! All this you can buy on your profits. With each level the number of clients and ingredients for burgers and sandwiches will grow, but it tasks the chef of "Burger-Fiesta" to do this. The world is waiting for your culinary art! In "Burger-Fiesta" you'll find several game modes. They'll test your speed and reaction in time challenge as well as allow you to enjoy the process of cooking delicious, juicy burgers and sandwiches.
    Windows XP/Vista
    256 MB
    17.8 MB
    Release Date:
    April 10, 2023
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    Burger Fiesta
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