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I love this and I am ready for GTA6
By Joshua
Nice game I ever play it's possible to control
By Muhammad Abdullahi
I love this game so so much I love racing on cars but I don't like the strip club yuck. But other then that I Love this game!!!!
By Phelim
I love gta it is the best my best thing on there but I need followers on Tifton so please follow me
By Jazmine
AAAHHHH i freaking love this game if you go far your Veichle Will die and... -_- a shark will apear..
By Eddie
gta is so so so fun and I like to be silver
By By Luffy
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! IT is the best game ever in all of history the graphics the game everything is just next generation I hope you come out with gta6 because that will be two hundred years ahead of there time I love free play I got all the cars and all the weapons I got everything that you can buy in gta5 even 200 mods or more that I how much I love the game the best character is Michael because he starts out with a sports car and big house so come mess with me if you want to die
By By Kevin Matthew Henderson
I just can’t stop playing GTA5 on my PS4 when it’s the end of school I will go upstairs and just play on GTA5 for 3 hours thank you rockstar games
By By Jack
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Buy Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5)
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