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I love it it is the best my user name is chrrzee and I play it every day for 4 hours,
By Charles Allen
i play this game all day for 25 hours
By Dotyboy27
I really like roblox I have it on my tablet
By Kindle Kendall I Am Gonna Go On Roblox Right Now
My parents don’t want me to have roblox so this like a link that I could play roblox on without it being downloaded
By Lauren
My username is Shopkinlover4444 you can find my name
By Brianna
I love roblox so much. Thank you many people that made this game. I bet you you work so hard for this game!
By Cienna
Roblox is so fun I don't have robox yet
By Cienna
I play this all the time
By Jacob
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Download Roblox
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