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I'm a fan of you!!
By By Liam
I love Roblox so much because 50000000000000000000000000000000000000 of people is playing this game! Thanks for letting me play Roblox! I hope I might don't crash.. ;-;
By By Rose
Hi roblox, I am your fan.
By Bianca Chavez
I'm giving Roblox 4 stars because it can't let me play some of my favorite games but It is good.
By Chase0101
I love Roblox and it is sooo amazing! It's so good graphics. There is more thank 50000000 players with you.
By Rick Sinclair
Please follow my account, My username is cuzoo****, I have yellow hair, a white shirt and a blue pants.
By Jeannie
Roblox is somethingYou can play and have some fun if you play at first it would get boring but if you play it at lot of time it will be so muc you can play and have some fun if you play at first it will get boring if you have a lot of time it so much fun so much games it is so much fun I love it so much
By Alasha Lewis
I love it because I go on it every single day.
By Coco
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