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Cut The Rope
Description: Have you ever thought about to get more stars and candies by cutting the ropes in an interesting game? Have you ever imagined that you have a little cute pet and you will work together with it to achieve the goals in a game? Of course it's neither a dream nor an imagination, you will experience this distinctive game trip in Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope is an interesting game shows a relax and pleasant atmosphere with simple scenes and wonderful elements. The most important is that there is a little cute animal named Om Nom will work together with you to cut the ropes, at the same time you should collect the stars and get the candies. By the way, Om Nom is a adorable pet which is addicted to different flavours of candies, actually the main task in the Cut the Rope of you is put the delicious candies into Om Nom's mouth. Do you want to join this interesting game? Om Nom is waiting for your strength and intelligence. Cut the Rope seems difficult to complete, but the key will help you overcome the challenges successfully as long as you pay your attention to the every steps in the process of game. No more complicated measures, needless to say the weapons and tools. Throw the troubles aside and join Cut the Rope with your happiness, you will find that the life is full of something wonderful.
Android / iPhone
1.0 GHz or equivalent
512 MB
71.2 MB
Release Date:
February 18, 2014
I. Love this game
By Jaxson
This game rocks I have never played one like it
By Caitlin Green
I can play it an hour or more, Cut the rope is my favorite game.
By Eva
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Cut The Rope
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