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Fruit Ninja Free
Description: Colorful and sweet juicy life, is that in a dream? Not anymore, It is on your finger now.
Pineapples, bananas, peaches, strawberries, and other favorite fruits burst together like hot popcorn, your finger just like sharp katana, See They are jumping They are floating. Hurry! Cut them and make mixed juice, the more taste you have in one time, the more color you have, and the more bonus you have. But Be careful with the Black Bomber. Don't touch it, trust me, you wont be curious about the result. Now rock yourself with the game, you, my Fruit Ninja, show your highest score. Let's have this colorful sweet fun together!
Fruit Ninja Free Fruit Ninja Free Fruit Ninja Free Fruit Ninja Free
Android 4.0
1 Ghz
1 GB
117 MB
Release Date:
February 25, 2014
I haven't played it yet but I know it is great.:D :D ;D ;D
By Klo-Klo
Just swipe fruit to choose game mode and to get points by swiping the screen.
By ThomasTCEC
Simply swipe your finger across the screen to slice the fruit!
By Megan Menendez
Fruit Ninja is an easy game to learn and play, There are three modes to play!
By Joker
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Fruit Ninja Free
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