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Description: Pou is the virtual pet video game in the genre of casual. The concept of this game is the same as the classic Tamagotchi game. Which was very famous at the beginning of this century. In this game, you have to feed your pet, play with him so he feels happy. You have to clean it up so he stays healthy. Most importantly give him the attention he needs.

Most young people get bore after playing Tamagotchi because it does not have a game room. Pou, will not make teenagers get bored playing it for hours. Because Pou has a game room that is available to entertain you.
There are various very exciting games that you might choose from sky jump, sad tap, Pou poppers and many more. Besides being able to add coins, you can also add excitement with POU.
The Pou game has a round character like a ping pong ball. You have to feed Pou, change accessories, play and make Pou happy so Pou can grow up. To get coins, you have to play the game that has been provided by POU. The coins can be used to buy food, accessories, clothes, shoes, glasses, hair, and change the colour of the Pou.
When Pou is hungry and he doesn't get food, he will be sick like humans. You can buy food at the shop, such as fruits, nutritious foods, cakes, all human menus are available here for Pou food. Every time you give Pou to eat, he will continue to get bigger slowly until he is unable to eat anymore.
Living room: here you can talk with Pou, cheer him up. Tell him something and he will repeat it in a funny voice. In the kitchen, you need to buy food and feed your pet. The main thing is not to overfeed him, otherwise, he will get sick. Laboratory: if your pet is still ill, you should not panic. Take him to the lab urgently. In that place is a cabinet with medicines for all occasions.
Bathroom: in this room, you will wash Pou. First, the pet must be soaped, then all the foam is washed off. In the same place is the toilet. Game room: Another way to please Pou is to play with him. You have twenty games to choose from, so neither you nor your pet will get bored soon. Bedroom: in order to gain energy, Pou must take a rest.
And he sleeps, of course, in the bedroom. But, this is not the only function of the room. He can change clothes, change the colour, hairstyle, Also, the colour and shape of the eyes. Each room you can design to your own taste. To do this, you are provided with a rich palette of colours, pictures and ornaments. The only thing that limits you is the number of coins earned.

On the mobile screen, a transparent panel appears on top of the gadget, indicating the current status of the pet. On the left side, you can see the number of coins earned. In the central square - satiety, health and happiness (fun), and remaining energy show. On the right is the growth level of the pet. You can simply use touch control to do any task.

If you love to play a casual game like my talking tom. Then this is the perfect game for you to entertain. The game has simple and addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics with easy touch control. Download it now to start your adventure.
Android 5.0
1 GB
27.6 MB
Release Date:
February 4, 2015
i love pou i play with him every day
By 21savage
The game is too long
By Symphony Brown
this is the best game that i have played in a couple months
By By Freddie
I love you pou because you take a bath
By By Saliou Soumah
I love pou I had when I was little it's great
By Ellie
I got a iPhone and I want pou
By Zyan Upchurch
My Small Pou
By CapitanEI987
My Pou is awesome. Much trouble love my pou can't stay away from him for long.
By Becca
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