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My Talking Angela Reviews
I love this and the graphics are awesome the service was so good and so did you take a momfree ones to use
By JaKaLa
I love my talking angle and Robles
By Kimmy
It's a really fun game and I love that it poops
By By Kherrigan
I love My Talking Angela so much.
By Leamon
There is a man in her eye
By Kendall Akers
You are the reason why you are so cool
By Taylor Moerer
My Talking Angela is a very fun game. I found it when my brother and I where messing around.
By Antonio
I love Talking Angela. My mum hates it though. I love how you feed him and my sister loves that he potties.
By SIA John
It's fun this is many things you could get. I wish they can add more to play.
By Lucy
This is the most coolest game I've played so far. I give it five stars.
By Dlenah
Android 4.1
1.2 Ghz
2 GB
77.4 MB
Release Date:
January 15, 2016
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My Talking Angela Reviews
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