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Minecraft for Android Reviews
I want to play minecraft
By By Hacker
Is this free? My gamertag: Pugbug17
By Pugbug17
I need Minecraft for free so I can get mods
By Toby
A house for my sister and me
By Mariaketia
Minecraft videos, I like it
By Simon Unaji
I hope i get mincraft free wand i have no mony i cant get mony im sad sooooo sad pls free pls
By Bye Poor
Thanks for your help today
By Zara Dailhou
I love it ♡U♡
By A Minecraft Player
Oh my gosh, this is my first time playing Minecraft
By Ava
I love mincraft sooooooo much I even watch Minecraft videos
By Nothing
I like mincraft because I have tons of mincraft games and it's soo fun to use my imagination who ever made mincraft keep on making new mincraft games!
By Grace Joy Lee Hebert
Minecraft is educational and it teacher's children how to biuld stuff
By Sasha
I have not played this game and I think it will be an amazing game
By Ronnie Leigh
He's so cool I can play it on my TV from my iPhone
By Jasmine
It's so cool i can't Stop looking at the Tv or my iPhone
By Jasmine
I love Minecraft I play it all the time I paid 699 on it and it's great
By Brian
I agree with Michael Minecraft Pocket edition is the best! I play it online
By By Sophie Gamble
Hi there I'm very new to minecraft but i love it its my favourite game
By Luke Collins
I wish I could go on and for free
By Shontai
I wish I had mincraft because you can play with your friends and you can also make a town like I did with my friends at school
By By Miss Roberts
Minecraft live game and mods for Minecraft live Minecraft ♥️
By LakiYT
I love minecraft so much it is the best.
By Ren
Minecraft is sooooooooo good because you can build stuff
By Joel
It’s really good you should add a pug
By By Kelly
Its really cool but i wish that Minecraft should ne for free
By LittleGamer_HeLily
Minecraft is the best game ever
By Alexia
I love ❤️ Minecraft it is soooooo good
By Abby Darling
Minecraft is cool with Steve
By Kellan
Minecraft is really amazing I GOT IRON and And its so fun to play Minecraft! :-)
By N
I wish they make minecarft for free for everyone
By Jrow (Jaidyn Watson Luna)
1000 Stars
By Marcus
You should just make it free for Canada
By Declan
Minecraft is a good game for other people therefore it takes up your creativity but I love it ❤️
By Kyle
I love minecraft. it is a super fun game it helps people use their imagination
By Rose
I rely love it. it is amazing and it is relly fun. it is the best game in the world.i love this game so much
By By Fofoa Enosa
With Minecraft I could use my creativity to build almost anything!
I was looking for a game with Mods for minecraft.
By Ire
Minecraft allowed me to go into other world.
By Katy
It is the best game and I think it will help extend your imagination.
By Tom Macy
I love it but the more you play it you end up playing it the whole day.
By Pjoep
I love Minecraft. You should add some pets for it. It will be fun.
By F. Love
I love maxcraft because we can build house,car and it can be night
By Nihith
I love this game minecraft i can play all night long and forget i had a family
By Kyan Lachee
i have played this game before and it is really fun
By Elizabeth
Love minecraft because you can build all kindes of things and u can walk what I do not like about it is it is so hard to move and it is so hard to kill animals and people.❤️☺️
By Erica McGuire
I love this game but my mom she do not want to play this.
By By Sam
I really really love mine craft I love it!!!!!!!!! I was in years I was so proud
By Monica
I love this game so much. I wish I could play it 24/7. When is the up-date coming? My friends ipod already has it so I wonder when for my kindle.
By Ericool
I love minecraft pocket edition, because house and car and airplane and we can build all kinds of stuff.
By Michael
Minecraft for Android Minecraft for Android Minecraft for Android Minecraft for Android
Android 4.0
1.5 Ghz
1 GB
12.9 MB
Release Date:
January 28, 2015
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Minecraft for Android Reviews
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