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Superman Returns
Description: Superman Returns was inspired by the hit film & tries to recreate the wonder ofbeing the legendary superhero. Explore the game environment not only horizontally but vertically as well: Revolutionary new flight mechanics give you full command of your aerial maneuvers.
In Superman Returns: The Videogame, you explore and protect the truly living city of Metropolis--one that is not only expansive (with 80 square miles and over 10,000 buildings), but also changes dynamically with you as you affect gameplay. Citizens will run away in terror from newly erupting danger and also exit their cars to cheer and snap photos as you fly overhead to save them.
Superman may be invincible, but Metropolis is not. Player's choices matter, as Metropolis’ destruction will affect your ability to progress. You must face the internal conflict facing Superman at every turn: will you pause your pursuit of super villains to stop a massive tornado sweeping through the city and save its civilians? Every decision made is critical to Metropolis’ existence and can affect the collateral damage meter, which ultimately keeps the player in the game.
This is not just another movie-based game. This is the Superman game you’ve always wanted to play. Utilizing more than 60 years of rich history, Superman Returns: The Videogame is the ultimate Superman experience for players.
Xbox / PlayStation
3.2 Ghz
512 MB
Release Date:
May 15, 2014
I love superman. It has enemies that are fun to fight including many comic book villians. The flight is a little challenging at first, but gets fun once mastered. The city was very nice since it is very large and has a lot of nice areas and buildings.
By Nobody
The graphics are also very well for the time.
By Edward
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Superman Returns
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