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Minecraft for Phone
Description: Minecraft fans can now play anywhere thanks to the new Minecraft PE for Android devices. If you have tried the PC version, you may think that the world in PE is smaller and there are fewer enemies. Maybe this is a form of adjustment to the capacity of mobile devices. But that is not a problem, because Minecraft PE will provide the same play pleasure. Minecraft PE offers new modes such as Survival, Creative Mode, and multiplayer games.
As in the original Minecraft, players of the PE version fall into the landscape from a variety of cubes. You "Mine" these cubes, after which you can use them to create (Craft) buildings and objects.
When you enter the main menu of MCPE, you can select the game mode. There are four of them, and they may differ in tasks that the character must perform.
So, the first mode is survival. You can face various difficult trials that will need to be overcome with the help of his mind and skills. You build structures, get resources to advance the construction, and create weapons. While exploring the area in open spaces, defend yourselves from monsters, for players with excellent skills who can adapt to the most unexpected living conditions.
The second mode is Creative. In it, you will not need to worry about hunger, and you will have no enemies. You cannot die, and also has an unlimited supply of building materials.
The third mode is Adventure. An adventure mode adds the ability to break blocks with a unique tool.
Hardcore mode. It is like the "survival" mode, but you have only one life available. When you die, the whole world will erase, and everything must start again.
About graphics, Minecraft PE is no different from the console or PC versions. Minecraft is famous for 3D graphics with an 8-bit style. It seems like the developer wants to invite gamers to reminisce about the NES era. Although the graphics are not realistic in the form of AAA games. Minecraft has succeeded in bringing its players immersed in their world.
The attraction that Minecraft has is its dynamic time system. In the world of Minecraft, you will find day and night. This time also influences his world. When the sun goes down, you will find lots of monsters.
You will find blocks in various colors. You can create different things according to your creativity. This is the uniqueness of the game Minecraft. You can explore the world and make it something as you want.
The process of making items in Minecraft PE is much more straightforward than other versions. You can tap specific issues, then the thing will immediately move to the storage column. Controls like these are handy and suitable for mobile devices.
The joystick control is also available in the mobile version of the game. All the necessary buttons are in the hands. This allows you to build your universe quickly.
Significant experience in mining and crafting. The game looks and plays great. Straightforward and affordable multiplayer mode. Continuous development. If you are looking for ways to realize your imagination and also want to kill time with a tablet or phone, the Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android is the right solution. The game has so many unique and diverse mechanics, maps, mods, mods, and skins.
Android 4.0
1.5 Ghz
1 GB
12.9 MB
Release Date:
January 28, 2015
My sister got Minecraft and he immediately played with it.
By Silver
I love minecraft a lot,and minecraft is the best.
By Josef Mizzi
Roblox is more popular than minecraft
By Mihai
So cool :D
By GamerBoi
i love minecraft because it is fun and you get it learn
By Emma
This is my best game i very very love it and i rate it from 10000-10
By Alexander
I want to play Minecraft. It's my 2nd favorite game.
By Endri
It's so cool I love it
By Anaya
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Minecraft for Phone
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