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Scary Teacher 3D
Description: Scary Teacher 3D is a game dedicated to the conflict of a brilliant girl and her neighbour. A creepy school teacher who often gives physical punishment and threatening the entire class. Because of this, the girl decided to teach the last lesson and scaring her. Making her way to her home. A large house, 15 rooms, a backyard and a basement where something important is stored.
Your goal is to create and complete certain missions by not getting caught by the scary teacher. This teacher named Miss T who will always oversee the movement of students.

Scary Teacher 3D is a game where you have to do your best to scare a teacher by entering his house. There is a person called miss T, a scary teacher in the game. This teacher is an arrogant and evil woman who torments animals and punish the kids. To scare, you enter the teacher's house secretly and perform different tasks. For example, you can do hundreds of different tasks. Such as cutting the teacher's clothes, rescuing the cat he caged, and installing a mousetrap. You cannot jump from one task to the next. So you definitely have to complete the task. For this, it is necessary to take action very carefully. You should definitely not be caught by the terrible teacher and quietly get out of his house. There are also stars in the game. By finding these stars, you can buy tips on how to act. That's why it's so important to find the stars.
Here you will constantly search for things. Various objects are scattered around the house. You need to collect and use in the right places. The developer decided to complicate the game process. Most of the items at the level you simply will not come in handy. In order to complete the task, you need to put the found objects in the right place. If you made a mistake with the place, then the level will fail.
When you start any task, a camera appears in the upper left, showing where the scary teacher is. By checking where the teacher is, you understand whether you will hide accordingly. You earn a certain amount of in-game money after every task. With this money, you can buy new materials, clothes and traps. This makes it much easier for you to defeat the scary teacher.

Scary Teacher 3D has stunning 3D graphics that will carry you at every scary level. Enjoy hours of entertainment as you try to run away and work on scary teachers. Scary Teacher 3D is a very successful game with fun graphics and immersive structure.

One of the advantages and features of this game is easy control. You will independently move around, climb boxes, climb ledges, pick up and throw objects and interact with all kinds of objects in the house. Even if it's your first time playing this game. It can almost be played, you will be without difficulty to play this game. When you download Scary Teacher 3D, you will have no trouble playing this android game.
The control is responsible for the multi-position joystick. Buttons for using items and inventory in which selected and acquired items are stored. The game is not a horror, it does not have any scary moments.

Puzzle horror will appeal to all those who like to tickle their nerves. If you are also a fan of horror, feel free to download Scary Teacher 3D.
Android 4.2
4 GB
69.7 MB
Release Date:
January 1, 2020
It's kinda scary when the teacher goes after you, but its funny when you prank her. you should definitely play it.
By Michelle
I love Scary Teacher it is totally worth the money!
By Stacey
I have the game on my dad's phone. Only play a little time when my daddy at home. I love it.
By Aley
Scary Teacher 3D is full of suspense and thrill I like the game very much.
By Ezaxa
I love this game because when i try to go into scary teacher's House when i try to Hide from the scary teacher's house.
By Francesco
I love this game because it's really fun
By By Jasmine
Good game, but i can't play it... (I HAVE PLAYED IT)
I never played it before but I seen the YouTube videos on fgteev and it's funny when they ruined the date's
By By Christian A Big Fan
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Scary Teacher 3D
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