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Hello Neighbor for Xbox/PS
Description: The Hello Neighbor for PS4 belongs to the category of stealth scary game. Many game lovers like this game due to its outstanding features. Many people purchase and play this horror game in their free time. This is the best source for them to pass free time.
Before moving towards the Gameplay, first, we look at the technical details of the Hello Neighbor – a horror game. As this is not free, instead of this it is bought by many game lovers. Its price is 27.51 US dollars + shipping charges. This was released on 3rd August 2018, and it is available in the market on 13th November 2018. Its Manufacturer is Gearbox Publishing. This is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This is a non-refundable and non-returnable product.
Now we will discuss the Gameplay, Visuals, and controls of this game.

The story of Hello Neighbor is very interesting and unique. In this horror game, an advanced artificial intelligence is used. You are very interested and worried to see what secrets he has hidden in the basement of his house. You have to sneak into your neighbor's house. You have to play against artificial intelligence which is the response of your every step.
Your main target is to see the secrets of the neighbor. There are cameras at the main door. If you try to sneak from the front door, then the neighbor will catch you by seeing you in the camera somehow. So try to enter the house through any other way like side windows and from the backyard stairs. Use the keys available in the house to open the gates. If the neighbor caught you then he will throw you outside the house. You have to find another way to enter the house and make another try to go in the basement. There are many secret doors and ways in the basement to move on. Keep moving on these ways and find more and more secrets until the neighbor caught you. There are many gadgets available in your way, use these gadgets to overcome the hurdles.
Its gameplay is very interesting and intelligence-based. Every response by the neighbor will be based on artificial intelligence.

Now we will discuss the visuals and will see how the visuals of this game make it different from other horror games. This is a family-friendly game. The environment provided is very attractive. Color scheme and graphics of characters and the objects included are very charming and outstanding. No one felt bored while playing this game. In short, visuals are developed very skillfully. Visuals show the hard work of the manufacturer.

Controls of this game are easy and straightforward. This is for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. These all are gaming platforms. In these platforms, games played with the help of handheld devices. To move characters with the help of handheld devices is very simple and interesting.

Final Verdict
The Hello Neighbor is an outstanding artificial based game with outstanding visuals. Each and everything is developed with great efforts. Buy and play this to enjoy!
Xbox One / PlayStation 4
AMD Jaguar APU
8 GB
Release Date:
December 1, 2019
It's a fun game
By Carlos
Tom play it all the time.
By Alis C.
My son and his Mom love this game. It’s tough and confusing at times, but It's so much funny.
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Hello Neighbor for Xbox/PS
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